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Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Blessed Are The Playmakers

Figured I oughtta write this dream down before I forget it, as it has the makings for a good story/play. Perhaps, even, The Greatest Story Ever Told...

 About two millennia ago, a theatre producer/con man, inspired by a seminar, decides to start a religious cult for fun and profit, as is all the rage of the day. However, he’s aware of certain characteristics a cult leader should have for mesmerising potential followers, and that he doesn’t fit the bill himself. So he decides to hire a puppet a leader.

In order to find the perfect leader to play his Son of God role, he decides – what better way than to put on a play to discover a genuine actor for the part?

He sets out to do this and posts ads in the paper (“must speak fluent aramaic and be conversational in Hebrew” – is all i remember from the dream). Getting frustrated with all those auditioning for the role, he notices a hippy carpenter working on the set and his gut says that’s the guy. He gets him to audition and he’s a natural. The producer signs him up.

The play’s a flop, as there was no effort put into making it good, but he dupes the carpenter-actor into taking the show on the road, remaining in character all the time “to hone his acting skills”.

He never does put on another play, telling his actor nobody wants to put on the show as they move from town to town, with each street rehearsal of his soliloquy gaining more and more genuine followers as they go. The actor wants to know why so many are following them from town to town. Producer says they’re fans of the show and a cast of thousands for the stage extras.

I woke up before I know if the producer succeeds or if it gets too big and he loses control, or if the actor starts to believe he is his character, or something entirely different happens.

I just hope this isn’t the plot for Joseph and the Super Starred Jesus Coat or one of those shows I’m not really familiar with. Wouldn’t be the first time I’ve done that.

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