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Friday, 10 August 2012

A Tale Of Two Scary Worlds

Just had the weirdest/scariest god damn dream ever. Still, I thought it was a pretty cool story, too, so thought I'd share...

Things were going swimmingly; I was getting laid and whatnot and then the girl I was with went away. I was left talking to a guy, and a boy, and another woman. I sat at the computer and asked why Twitter looked different and why I couldn't find my account. The three of them kept making excuses that didn't seem quite right and I began to get nervous, and feeling trapped, like the three of them were plotting against me.

Finally the girl said something that no one but me could know, so I called her on it - I said: hang on, the only way you could know that would be if I had invented you. Is that's what's going on here? She giggled and said yeah, I caught her.

So I turned and asked the others. "You guys too, I guess?"


"For what reason?' I asked. They looked at each other kind of confused.

"Reason? No reason. We were just conjured up to make sure you don't escape and find your way back to what you consider the real world."

"Conjured by whom?" I asked. By now I'm fucking terrified.

"By you, moron. We're part of your mind. We're in your mind with you. And we're going to keep you here forever. It's what you want".

"Uh, no... pretty sure I don't want that."

"If you didn't, we wouldn't be here. You brought us here and now you'll never get rid of us, and you'll never escape from this place. No one can ever help you. You are the only one in the world who could help you escape - but YOU are the one who is responsible for your own captivity. So yeah, you're done with that other world for good. Someone will find your catatonic body in a day or two, cart you off to a hospital and that's that," the guy said. The kid added:

"Relax, it only feels like we're keeping you against your will. But we are your will. We're keeping you safe from that world, not depriving you of it."

"So am I dreaming? Or have I gone insane, or what, exactly?"

"How do we know? We just know what our job is and we're doing it, and we'll continue to do it till you die, so get comfortable."

I knew I had to break free from them (*my* manifestations) but it seemed hopeless. The guy went to lock the door and I barreled into him and the door. I thought that oughtta be futile since the door hinged inwards but I figured, fuck it, this is all my invention, so I want the door to bust open anyway.

It did. There was a big commotion as the door splintered impressively and all three clawed at me to keep me there but I shook them off and ran out into the bright, glorious street.

They waited in the demolished doorway as I ran down the road. The feeling of relief and freedom was overwhelming - until the girl shouted:

"You can wake up for a while now, but how long before you get tired again? See you soon!"

And then I woke up.

But if I disappear forever sometime soon, you'll know where I went.


  1. Shit, that's about as scary as nightmares get, preying on a fear of nightmares themselves. It's like a meta-nightmare.

    I wonder if people in comas get these kinds of dreams, except they are ACTUALLY trapped in their own minds. That probably wouldn't be pleasant.

  2. Right? That scenario was one of the two possibilities I had to wonder about. If it wasn't a simple dream, I was trapped there and no one could ever save me because it was *me* who was keeping me there - a part of me that outnumbered the part that didn't wanna be there by 3-1. It was a pretty fucking terrifying experience.

    Bitch's comment at the end didn't help much either. Every time I go to sleep now, I have to wonder if I'll ever wake up again. I'm pretty sure most nightmares don't taunt you at the end like that, to ensure the fear carries on into the waking world.

    Like, that's just mean.